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This page contains a poster presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of ISMPP (International Society for Medical Publication Professionals), May 9-11, 2022.

Authors and affiliations

Clarinda Cerejo, Kwisha Shah, and Prerna Motwani#

Cactus Life Sciences, Cactus Communications, Mumbai, India


Objective: While diverse pharma stakeholders are now consuming scientific content digitally more than ever before, the content itself is still largely designed for print consumption and for a homogenous stakeholder group.1 We aimed to understand from a range of pharma stakeholders how useful and trustworthy they find digital scientific content and their suggestions for improving trust and ease of consumption.

Methods: Qualitative interviews were conducted with 2 healthcare professionals (HCPs), 2 medical science liaisons (MSLs), 3 patient advocates, and 1 pharma executive representing payers. Interview questions focused on how the different stakeholders find scientific content, trust signals they look for, their favorite formats, and their expectations of pharma.

Results: Each pharma stakeholder group uses a different channel and medium to access content, ranging from PubMed to patient advocacy groups. It is therefore important for pharma to tailor scientific content for each stakeholder and consumption channel being used.

Patients and HCPs would like to see more scientific content developed in collaboration with trusted players like patient-advocacy groups and professional societies, respectively. HCPs prefer on-demand self-education via easy-to-find drug information, whereas patients expect HCPs to know and communicate to them all drug information, including side effects and long-term risks. MSLs on the other hand want bite-sized content with more visual elements unifying data from multiple publications.

Conclusion: Content personalization may be an effective way for Medical Affairs teams to communicate optimally and enhance trust in pharma. While limited in scope, this series of interviews sheds some light on unique stakeholder preferences and their expectations of pharma.

Keywords: Attitudes, Medical Affairs, Digital



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