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Empowering Medical Affairs by Leveraging Modular Content

Key Solution Guide: Empowering Medical Affairs by Leveraging Modular Content

In the biopharma sector, the overwhelming influx of medical data necessitates an efficient content strategy...
AI, ML, NLP, AR/VR, Blockchain in Healthcare

Emerging Technologies: Healthcare Communication Friend or Foe?

Embracing emerging technologies and innovations is not just an option but a necessity for biopharma...
plain language summaries and genAI

Readability of published vs. artificial intelligence (AI)-generated plain-language summaries (PLS)

PLS play an important role in increasing the accessibility of medical publications to a wide...
Audiovisual medical publication content and formats

Use of audiovisual data dissemination formats (ADDFs) by medical journals: then and now 

GPP 2022 guidelines endorse the use of alternative data dissemination formats, including ADDFs, to enhance...

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