Approaching AI


The future of content in pharma will be modular and human+AI driven. CACTUS is focused on harnessing AI to create modular content at scale. We reduce the time needed between evidence generation and personalized content creation, review, and dissemination.

AI expertise is evolving, and CACTUS is at the forefront of innovation.

Our 300+ person tech team includes 50+ specialist data scientists, linguists, and engineers. Cactus Life Sciences also has 6+ Centers of Engineering Excellence and offers 30+ in-house solutions powering CACTUS products.

A portfolio of AI products

Since 2019, we have helped scientists write and edit research papers, as per literature and journal recommendations. CACTUS offers an array of useful and relevant tools to streamline workflow efficiencies. We have been doing so for almost a decade, so taking on the challenge of leveraging AI in Medical Affairs is intuitive for us.

CACTUS Artifical Intelligence Products

CACTUS Artifical Intelligence Products

Get started with a generative AI briefing for your organization

Click here if you’d like to participate in optimizing generative AI for your organization. We’ll be posting results and information on a regular basis, so be sure to come back and see the results.

The speed of generative AI content is one of its defining advantages.

We are co-developing pilots with our pharma partners where data, systems, and tools communicate with each other, and the outcome is not just efficiency but also the highest degree of scientific accuracy.

SciComm use cases are focused on content extraction, creation, and summarization.

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