We were founded with the singular purpose of advancing the dissemination of complex scientific research in ways that are globally accessible, authentic, and accurate. That mission continues to this day.

Founded in science, driven by quality

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- 2002 -


Cactus Communications was founded to help authors get published, irrespective of the language they spoke. As we explored new approaches to the challenges associated with the dissemination of research, it became apparent that biopharmaceutical companies required unique solutions and expertise to help communicate their complex research to a diverse range of stakeholders.


- 2010 -


Cactus Life Sciences was launched as a global provider of high-quality scientific communications. Our relentless client-first approach meant we examined every aspect of quality, value, and efficiency on every project, every time. We began building off-shore models, creating new opportunities to streamline content.


- Today -


Cactus Life Sciences seamlessly integrates sciences, efficiency, and innovation. Expanding the original off-shore model, we added a strategic layer comprising a 50-50 mix of near-shore and off-shore resources to meet the client demand of doing more with less.

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See what streamlined, science-first
innovation looks like

Cactus Life Sciences excels at offering innovative, strategic solutions to clients who are looking to flourish in a rapidly changing landscape.

Science. Innovation. Efficiency. Powered by our people.

At Cactus Life Sciences, we leverage strong scientific acumen, deep insights of data consumption trends, and innovation to provide pharma, biotech, and medical device companies with unique solutions.

Scientific Publications

Advance the publication of science by combining traditional and digital formats and adopting efficient workflows.

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Medical Communications

Develop targeted medical communications for HCPs, patients/caregivers, and MSLs with customized modular content for broader efficiencies.

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Medical Information

Use innovation, technology, and visualization to ensure medical information strategy and content is streamlined and impactful.

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Communicate effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness data to payors across a range of deliverables.

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Our people

Meet the Cactus Life Sciences team—a group of thought leaders, industry experts, and technological innovators united in our passion to bring scientific information to the world in unique and meaningful ways.

Life at Cactus Life Sciences

We nurture a culture of acceptance, transparency, and entrepreneurial thinking that values innovation with purpose.





Thought leadership that matters

We don’t just stay ahead of the curve. We create it.

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