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Patients are becoming increasingly aware and are demanding a say in decisions related to their own health. Many of them are helping to design impactful, relevant, and actionable strategies for medical research and treatment options. Medical Affairs can leverage these patient stakeholders to meet the unmet needs of patients. Although pharma is still assessing the risks of including patients in every area and finding more effective and compliant ways to engage them, there are several patient-inclusive activities and avenues already out there that the industry can presently work with.

So, to what extent and how actively are Medical Affairs teams involving patients? How many life sciences companies are actually making an effort to include patients in things like drug development strategies, clinical trial protocols, patient engagement communication, and so on? To find the answer to these questions, PM360 partnered with Cactus Life Sciences on a survey of Medical Affairs professionals within life sciences companies. Read the detailed survey results and the full article explaining these results. The article is written by Andrew Matthius, Senior Editor, PM360.

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