Medical Information (MI) teams across the pharmaceutical industry respond to product-related medical queries from HCPs, payers, patients, and caregivers. Their responses to these queries need to be relevant, scientifically accurate, and delivered in a set timeframe. In most cases, MI teams rely on text-heavy communications to respond to these MI queries. The responses are generally presented in the form of lengthy word or PDF documents that contain summarized literature reviews. Prior to the digital era, these requests were received either via letters or phone calls. However, with digitization and its acceptance by HCPs, payers, and patients, MI teams now receive queries via multiple channels like e-mail, MI contact centers, their website, or an online chatbot. While Biopharma is eager to adopt a digital approach and employ more visual elements in answering these queries, there is significant apprehension in the industry, for a range of reasons. For example, MI teams may fear the risk of compliance and legal issues with content appearing promotional or the perceived operational complexity posed by delivering digital solutions.

This guide will help you in your MI teams’ journey toward digitization and give a snapshot of how we at Cactus Life Sciences empower teams across pharma with innovative digital solutions.

Why should you download this whitepaper?

This whitepaper by Cactus Life Sciences sheds light on the following aspects of the digitization of medical information:

  • The overwhelming demand for medical information by various stakeholder groups
  • Some problems with the current workflows and processes related to medical information requests
  • How technological innovation can help provide quick, accurate, and more efficient medical information responses in light of the changing digital needs of HCPs, patients, and payers
  • How Cactus Life Sciences uses its scientific and domain expertise to provide medical information services through efficient workflows and operational excellence
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