Obtaining optimal market access for novel healthcare interventions in today’s increasingly challenging market conditions requires a clear, evidence-based value proposition inclusive of payers, patients, and healthcare providers (HCPs). Clinical, humanistic, and economic value must be supported by sound evidence, but generating high-quality data is not enough. Evidence of value must be packaged and communicated according to the perspectives and needs of the data consumer, and the requirements of payers, patients, and HCPs are all necessarily different.

Cactus Life Sciences has an intimate understanding of the data and communication dynamics that drive meaningful discussions between biotechnology innovators and payers. We develop fit-for-purpose tools and solutions to support productive value-based engagements, from traditional scientific publications to novel digital offerings that bring data and value to life.

Conveying value to payers

Cactus Life Sciences understands that head-to-head randomized controlled trials are a preferred evidentiary standard for payers to assess comparative value in a therapeutic landscape but are generally not feasible or realistic to be conducted. We also understand that even the best clinical trials do not inform the decisions of a majority of the beneficiaries, owing to the compromised generalizability inherent in their design.

Real-world data (RWD) are essential to a well-rounded value story, to identify patterns and outcomes in clinical practice that need to be considered in population health decisions. Overcoming payers’ concerns about RWD requires sound methodology followed by a clear, robust communication plan.

As data sources and methods continue to evolve, properly organizing and harnessing the collective impact of defensible data on real-world safety and effectiveness, patient-reported outcomes, prescribing and adherence patterns, long-term outcomes, and healthcare resource use and costs can become increasingly challenging over the product lifecycle. At Cactus Life Sciences, we provide the consistency, rigor, and innovation in professional scientific communications that are needed to remain relevant and respected by payer customers.

Identifying payer needs and packaging value proposition accordingly

The biotechnology industry has historically focused on HCP and patient informational needs most prominently and is making important strides forward in payer communications. However, translating the diversity of the types of payers and health technology assessment stakeholders in the context of locoregional and market considerations into a cohesive, sustainable communication plan remains an area for development within the industry. Payer preferences continue to evolve like HCP and patient preferences. Market access and HEOR teams identify gaps and address payer needs based on a range of individual and extraneous factors that influence their decision-making.

Cactus Life Sciences helps clients to clarify and customize value communications

As with other data consumers, pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) professionals use digital resources to inform their work in support of formulary decision-making. Thus, the biotechnology industry is working to improve digital offerings to payers, but it is generally still lacking the edge of innovation that improves the relevance of digital payer offerings and, in turn, their use. Face-to-face and virtual payer engagements can be enhanced through improved data visualization and interactivity. To drive a successful and effective value-based strategy, it is imperative to re-think and develop digital tools that can better tailor communications to specific payer segments.

Cactus Life Sciences possesses the expertise to develop traditional and digital resources that extend common market offerings that surround the value dossier and related materials. We use interactivity to bring the content in dossiers that is stuck in static formats to life, such as epidemiology and burden of disease estimates, therapeutic pipelines, and evidence tables.

We understand that multiple pages of excel sheets, tables, and word documents are painful to read. Therefore, we

  • Use data visualization and interactive tools to package data for payers in user-friendly formats that complement field discussions and dossiers
  • Develop customizable tools to facilitate the adaptation and visualization of population-specific information as relevant to each payer
  • Highlight important contextual information that facilitates appropriate and relevant interpretation and application of data into payer decisions
  • Give field teams the power to solve problems in the moment, be proactively responsive to payers’ questions, and bring in the right resource at the right time

In conclusion, it is critical for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to develop and align on targeted, effective, and sustainable value communication plans to help optimize market access in today’s scenario. Cactus Life Sciences is a leading partner for developing and managing effective value communication plans across therapeutic areas. To know more about how we can help you, please contact our Business Development team. And stay tuned for another interesting read on HEOR in the coming weeks.

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