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Our Thought Leaders realized the importance of health literacy through their Aha moments.

Starting now, let’s not wait for such Aha moments.


Scroll by to see what our Thought Leaders have to say about their Aha moments.

It’s our responsibility as an industry to emphasize the importance of health literacy and help improve it.

Cactus Life Sciences can help you become a “Health Literacy Hero.” Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Plain language summaries
  • Patient medical information response letters
  • Guidance materials for patient authors
  • Patient websites, web-portals, and platforms
  • Interactive/Digital solutions for clinical trials

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Cactus Life Sciences is a medical communication company that provides scientific strategy and content across the healthcare continuum, anywhere in the world ─ with a focus on science, innovation, and efficiency. We work alongside leading healthcare companies to establish the optimal role of medicines and encourage positive behaviors (physician and patient) that improve patient outcomes.