Effective patient engagement is becoming increasingly vital for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. However, due to concerns regarding compliance, many companies are hesitant to fully implement patient engagement strategies. Nonetheless, avoiding patient and caregiver engagement may pose a greater risk to organizations in the long term. Patients and caregivers are important stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, and their input can contribute to the development of better treatments, policies, and outcomes.

To address compliance concerns and barriers to patient engagement, Cactus Life Sciences collaborated with Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) to host a special webinar, titled “Overcoming Compliance Concerns and Barriers to Patient Engagement” on March 17th, 2023. As a postscript to this event, we present a comprehensive resource guide, created by Maarten Beekman, M.D., to assist organizations in implementing a robust patient engagement strategy. This guide provides valuable information, standards, documents, and tools to help organizations comply with regulations while initiating or enhancing patient engagement efforts.

From existing standards and guidelines for patient engagement to practical advice on accelerating engagement activities, this guide offers everything organizations need to begin their patient engagement journey. It also includes examples of best practices in patient engagement and additional resources to support the development of a successful engagement strategy.

Missed our MAPS webinar on patient engagement in pharma? Watch the full recording here. Take a decisive step in your patient engagement journey!

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