In response to the ever-growing pressure on pharma companies to make their scientific content accessible and digestible across a wide spectrum of target stakeholders—MSLs, HCPs, patients, and payers—pharma has been embracing a digital transformation in content dissemination. We asked the stakeholders what content will make the biggest impact for them so that medical affairs teams can increase their return on scientific content investment.

Why should you download this whitepaper?

This whitepaper by Cactus Life Sciences sheds light on answers to the following:

  • What do the different relevant stakeholder groups truly expect from pharma-generated scientific content?
  • How do they access this type of content and what helps them trust it?
  • Are the new digital formats meeting the needs and expectations of the stakeholders they are intended for?
  • Are these digital changes helping pharma keep pace with the competition?
  • Is there scope for pharma to do better in terms of personalizing content for different stakeholders?
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