The challenge

A major global pharma company had recently undergone a merger and internal team restructuring. They were facing various integration-related challenges with regard to publication planning. For example, their regional medical affairs teams were not familiar with global standard operating procedures, and regional publication plans were not in sync with global plans.

Given these challenges, the regional medical affairs teams required their local country teams to undergo training in publication planning as soon as possible.

The solution

The pharma company recognized Cactus Life Sciences, their trusted agency partner, as an expert in publication planning and sought to collaborate with the CACTUS team to develop a suitable training plan for the regional medical affairs teams. The client’s requirements were as follows:

  • Comprehensive training on publication planning, targeted at regional publication
    team challenges
  • Collaborative development of the training material, with scope confirmation and
    content sign off by the client
  • Inclusion of interactive elements to aid comprehension and retention
  • Training delivery via webinars on the client’s preferred platform and in three
    different time zones for global participation
  • Webinar recordings for subsequent on-demand viewing

A core team of medical directors and publication experts with rich training experience was assigned, supported by a team for graphics and logistics. The CACTUS team worked with the pharma company to develop and iteratively refine the training program outline.

The training material, developed within two months, covered the following technical
areas customized to the client’s specific requirements:

  • A series of three webinars were successfully conducted in the desired time zones,
    all within a 1-week time frame.
  • Trainers were senior medical directors who were able to explain all concepts lucidly and answer audience questions effortlessly.
  • Logistics were handled seamlessly with no technical glitches in webinar set-up and delivery.
  • The training material was made vibrant with graphics and animation.
  • Participant interaction was ensured through polls, quizzes, and learning assessments.

The outcomes

The pharma company was delighted with the outcomes and have requested Cactus Life Science to conduct similar training programs as an annual series, including other topics such as digital enhancements in publications.

Why choose Cactus Life Sciences?

Cactus Life Sciences is the right training partner for you to empower your regional medical affairs teams to excel in publication planning.

  • An efficient and cost-effective way to meet your training
    objectives and get your team to the desired level
  • A team of experts with deep understanding of publication planning and rich experience in training delivery
  • Customized training material to meet the precise needs of your global and regional teams
  • Assured learner retention and practical application of learned concepts through an interactive format

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